About Us

We are the leading social sciences research organization dealing with research projects related to various sub-disciplines and inter-disciplines of psychology. Our three research units work with the objective of offering you a range of options to design and conduct the study of your choice.

Our key strength lies in professionalism with which we convert an idea into a research proposal subjected to rigorous scientific inquiry. Assuming that your research ideas are naive, we refine your interest area and help you in converting it into a scientific question of inquiry. You may be assisted in your research with the broad range of services we offer that includes developing a hypothesis (or research question), conducting a literature review, designing and finalizing the tools, measuring the construct, analyzing data, and presenting the findings.

Our dedicated and committed team of researchers adopts a totally scientific approach to cater to your research projects. Well-trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, the experts have years of experience in their sub-disciplines along with scripts of appreciation and publication accords. Our services are offered in both basic as well as applied research.

We believe in offering personalized services to our clients by understanding their requirements and customizing the study that suits their purpose and aim.

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