Measurement And Quantitative Methods

Our measurement and quantitative experts emphasize on measuring variables and testing hypothesis linked to general causal explanations. We can help you with

  • Deciding the variables of the study
  • What samples to select
  • How to measure relevant factors
  • What tools, questionnaire, scales or inventories can be used
  • What research technique would be best (e.g., test, questionnaire, experiment etc.)

We also assist you with data analysis using advanced software tools to create tables, charts and graphs. Depending on your research purpose, we can guide you with the appropriate research designs. Our experts have gained excellence in designing the studies related to

  • Exploratory phenomena
  • Descriptive phenomena
  • Diagnostic purpose
  • Experimental relationships
  • Panel studies

Often, it is found that the data gives a lot of numeric information which is difficult to comprehend. At SSRS, you will be completely directed to understand and interpret the meaning of the results of statistical numbers and figures. Our research experts will explain you the statistical results in relation to your aims, hypothesis and purpose of the study.

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