Industry And Market Research

Our industry and market research unit applies the principles and methods of industrial and organizational psychology to understand human factors of performance and productivity at workplace. Research studies carried out in this unit deal with the practical organizational questions observed in day to day life.

Our team works with organizations and individuals to advance knowledge about the organizational behavior. We follow a scientific approach to develop and evaluate theories of work-related behaviors and organizational processes. Our researchers work to extend your understanding of psychological phenomena in the workplace and to use this knowledge to improve productivity and the quality of life at work.

We also undertake consumer behavior surveys to identify the factors that impact the mood and trend of consumers for a product or service.

We help you with research studies related to

  • Personnel workplace behaviors
  • Motivation and Work engagement
  • Behavioral soft skill training & development programs
  • Work-family Interface
  • Leadership and decision making
  • Team work and team functioning
  • Job and career satisfaction
  • Consumer survey research
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • Workplace Predictors of Performance
  • Workplace Stress and burnout
  • Occupational health and safety

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