Social And Community Research

We undertake high-quality social and community-based research projects to address critical social issues and to understand deeper cultural realities of our communities. Undertaking research in social and community settings means exploring multi-layered contexts and social systems in which a person grows and develops. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are adopted to conduct research in social and community settings. Research designs based on intervention programs, social planning and impact analysis are framed to improve the health, environment and cultural conditions of individuals, societies and communities at large. The major emphasis is on social change and social action that help in finding a practical solution to a certain problem facing a community.

Some of the Research arenas on which we work in Social and Community Settings

  • Family and social relationships
  • School, Career & Vocations
  • Peer & Professional groups
  • Rural-urban settings
  • Cultural & Ethnic groups
  • Religion & spirituality
  • Diversity, discrimination & social justice
  • Community health and well-being

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